If You Want It – Work For It

Even though I have been practising makeup artistry as my own business for three full years at the point of Spring 2019, I always knew I had more and greater opportunities if I had a professional license. However, it is very expensive and time-consuming to obtain, so I kept putting it off.

For my birthday that year, my parents gifted me the opportunity to attend Eveline Charles Academy to obtain the license (after years of me talking about it). They said they believed in my craft and although they did not completely understand it – they saw that I did and how I made people feel about themselves.

Throughout the program I had many opportunities to practice a vast range of looks and techniques on myself and models I brought in. It was challenging to do a lot of homework at a fast pace that included theory and practice (at this point I was employed full-time). My confidence definitely sank a little as I thought I was not doing it well or fast enough.

At the very end of the program, I looked back and realized that I was too hard on myself. My work spoke for itself and I received great marks, as well as the instructor’s personal testimonial in my favour as a permanent record.

This particular situation can be applied to many aspects of our life. It is true that is said “Nothing worth having comes easy”, and if I would have given up I know I would have regretted it.

If you truly want it – give it all you’ve got.

(Disclaimer: I do have individuals’ consent to post the images on designated websites including Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, and use in my digital portfolio.)

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