The Underdogs and Big Dogs of Skincare

Some of my personal skincare favourites are known to many beauty lovers. There are a few that not many people talk about though, but that bring amazing results!

Here are a few showcased here and why I recommend them:

  1. Clean & Clear Morning Burst Skin Brightening Cleanser wakes up the skin with an invigorating formula and citrus scent, oil-free, suitable for all skin types;
  2. Wander Beauty Gold Eye Patches are quite an investment, but if used sparingly with a generous amount of time between each mask – you’ll still see the difference and it’ll be worth it! They’re very hydrating and feel luxurious;
  3. Spectro Cleanser for combination skin (now, that doesn’t mean other skin types can’t use it, the opposite in fact) has a gel-like consistency that glides over the skin gently but is extremely effective. I recommend using it twice a day – morning and evening;
  4. St. Ives Apicot Scrub has been in the talks of beauty lovers for years! Some swear by it and others swear about it… My personal opinion is that it helps tremendously when used once a week to get rid of dead skin cells and help purify pres. However, if physical exfoliants aren’t for you – then stay clear of this product and use lighter exfoliating face washes instead;
  5. Cup’O’Coffee Lush Face Mask comes in a large tub that lasts for months! It smells like coffee the entire time you have it on (I’m guilty of leaving it on for way longer than recommended) and is very effective at brightening and purifying the skin. Suitable fo all skin types, made with natural ingredients and is cruelty-free;
  6. Olay Daily Moisturizing Lotion is a lovely daily moisturizer with SPF (which is always great to have in a skincare product) and has a light consistency that keeps the skin nourished all day long! I recommend it fo all skin types and I’ve never had a client speak ill of this affordable product either.


18 thoughts on “The Underdogs and Big Dogs of Skincare

  1. Thank you for this Kassy! I’ve been having breakouts and acne scars/dark spots has always been my problem 😦 do you have any product recommendations on what should I use for my sensitive, acne prone and combination skin?


    1. For specific spots look at either Clean & Clear Acne Spot Treatment in a tube or Origins Super Spot Remover. As for a daily face wash, go for something with no scent/parabens/sulfates and is meant for sensitive skin, for example, look towards Cetaphil or CeraVe in drugstores or Fresh and Dermalogica in Sephora and other “higher-end” places. I hope this helps!

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      1. I switched to Cetaphil cleanser months ago, and it kinda helps prevent my acne breakout.
        It’s good to know something new and add to my skincare routine, I would love to try one of those spot treatments you’ve mentioned. Thanks again! I appreciate it.


      2. Cetaphil is a really good easy-on-the-skin one. And let me know if you’d like more recommendations for serums, other treatments, or if something doesn’t work for you!

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  2. I’m always looking for a good moisturizing mask. I made my husband and son do a “beauty night” last weekend. Masks and eye patches for everyone. That’s just what you have to do when you don’t have a daughter!!!


    1. YesTo and Garnier have a huge range of awesome sheet masks, and if you’re looking for one to layer try Kiehl’s, Fresh, or Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty (the scent and feel are amazing). I’ve definitely made my boyfriend do face masks with me, so no shame there!


  3. You have an outstanding knowledge of skincare. What product do you suggest or have for facial hair removal?


    1. Thank you very much! There is no product that can remove facial hair by itself. What I recommend to do is purchase “Brow/facial razors” (Sephora has a value pack of 3 for around $15) and gently stroke hair areas in the direction of hair growth in small sections, but make sure you have some sort of a protective film/layer on the skin while you do that (oil, essence, moisturizer) to not scar the facial skin. Wash off afterwards and moisturize (or put on an essence) afterwards so the skin does not get dehydrated.


  4. Thank you for these tips. I recognize quite a few of the products. The Wander Beauty Gold Eye Patches interest me. My current under eye cream has been discontinued. 😦 Can you buy these in a store or do you buy them on-line?


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