You Are Powerful

Beauty is power and makeup is something that really enhances that; it’s a woman’s secret.

Charlotte Tilbury

For some people (ladies and gentlemen alike) makeup is a form of self-expression, for some it’s a confidence boost. I truly believe we have to love ourselves in the skin that we’re born in without needing the makeup to hide behind. Cosmetics have made such a huge global impact and many amazing creators have come out and expressed themselves and their artistry, if they were afraid to do so before.

Some of my favorite leading industry makeup artists I suggest to follow:

Wayne Goss
Charlotte Tilbury
Lisa Eldridge
Hung Vanngo
(I actually had an opportunity to meet him and get some expert advice! Images below.)

2 thoughts on “You Are Powerful

  1. I liked your beauty blog, you have a wealth of knowledge in beauty. How do you stay beautiful yourself?


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