So Aesthetically Pleasing

One of my favourite lipstick formulas has got to be by L’Oreal, they just knock it out of the park with their bullet lipstick formula and this line is no exception. I’ve collected the shades that I would use the most and I have to really try to get myself to use other products!

Intense hydration, rich, matte colour, comfortable wear, smooth, creamy feel. Take a closer look at the line here!

Here is a list of shade names from left to right:

102 Matt-ly In Love
370 Jennifer’s Nude
401 Julianne’s Red
402 Blake’s Red
403 Eva’s Red
405 Doesn’t Matte-r
610 Eva’s Nude
707 Matte-jestic
800 Matte-caron
802 Matte-sterpiece
804 He Thinks He’s Matte-cho
806 Matte-itude

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