Why Makeup Products Get Hardpan & How To Fix It

Hardpan is when a powder product has a dirty or wet film on top of it, which makes it almost impossible to pick up any powder with a brush.

Why does it happen?

– If a product is nearing or is over the expiration date, oxygenation can occur, which is when the oxygen particles react with product particles to create this thin film; or

– Oils from fingers or brushes transfer onto the product and accumulate over time.

How can we prevent it?

– Wash your brushes and tools regularly;

– Wash your hands before every makeup application to remove excess oils.

How can we fix it?

1. Take a piece of regular tape and press it gently over the hardened section of the powder;

2. Lift the tape up to reveal the fresh powder underneath;

3. Repeat until the impacted layer has been removed.

OR scrape the affected layer with a tool to reveal the fresh powder underneath.

Have your products ever hit hardpan? Do you fix them or throw them away? Let me know in the comments below!


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