My Favourite Blogs

I want to share some of my favourite blogs that cover a wide variety of topics and have their own unique style & voice. Welcome to Artist Spotlight #2 series on my blog.

  • Katie Jane Hughes – a talented MUA who posts her work from studio photoshoots to red carpet looks, great for inspiration.
  • Man Repeller – a blog with very forward language and intriguing topics covering fashion, beauty, and “everything else a woman cares about”, it’s definitely one of my top favourites!
  • Vogue World – a fashion blog that tracks different and new trends, celebrity lifestyles, and “fashion, beauty, culture, living, runway” and beyond! I find myself constantly immersed in this one.
  • Beauty Is Boring – photos and videos of makeup looks that are unconventional and interesting, the team redefines beauty as we know it in an innovative way; video outtakes are great as well.
  • Honey Soleil – a lifestyle brand helping you to live your best, well-balanced life. Wellness for your mind, body and soul. There is also a podcast!
  • Estée Lalonde – an engaging blog about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, her podcast, and newsletter.
  • The Sunday Girl – a blog dedicated to product reviews, with various categories of make-up and skincare, very thorough and updated information.

Enjoy! What are some of your favourite blogs? I would love to know in the comments below.

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