Colors, Anyone?

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in Dark Brown
NYX Professional Makeup multiple eyeshadow palettes
FentyBeauty Pro Filter foundation
Maybelline New York Red Revival lipstick
BECCA Cosmetics Moonstone highlighter.

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To Prime or Not To Prime? (Eyes)

Whether “to prime or not to prime” – is an ongoing debate in the beauty atmosphere. Some professional makeup artists prefer to use concealer instead of an eyeshadow primer and say it works just as well. The next question is – whether or not to set it with a powder or a bone-coloured eyeshadow.

The truth is – there’s no universal answer to that. Eyeshadow priming techniques and products vary from person to person, nothing will work for everyone.

When I work on my clients, I always ask what their skin type is and whether they find their current eyeshadow priming technique to work for them or not. From their answers, I decide how to proceed.

For people like myself who do use a designated eyeshadow primer, and don’t set it for a better colour payoff, I recommend these from different price points:

If you do apply eyeshadow primer on yourself or your clients, make sure you’re not tagging on the eyelid to apply it – simply look down (or make the client do so) and use your brush or fingers to distribute the product.

Do you use eyeshadow primer? Let me know what techniques and products you use in the comments below!

Neutral Is the New “IT”

Over the last couple of years there have been very definitive eyeshadow palette/color trends: there were pinks & purples, rusty oranges, greens & golds, a lot of browns, fire reds & spicy undertones, and finally – the rainbow trend!

It seems to me as though after Colourpop’s colourful double release every week, Huda Beauty’s 9-pan color theory palettes, and every possible Morphe palette – the makeup community and trends are coming to a comfortable “neutral” territory.

What we’re seeing from brands – are releases that are mostly neutral, with occasional pops of color (whether it be a bright blue or a subtle jewel purple). The palettes are mostly neutral, to target a wider range of consumers, but also because the majority of said beauty consumers already have all the colours possible in our palettes, so the brands are forced to try something different, YET AGAIN.

Some of my favourite palettes, from drugstore to high-end, within this umbrella of being neutral but intriguing are shown below. They can be pretty boring at first glance, but you can definitely make them more interesting by adding the one outstanding color, or mixing up something new.

What are some of your favourite neutral eyeshadow palettes?
Do you agree with the trends I’m seeing?
Let me know in the comments below!