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Did this smokey number on the talented Julia Nicholson (stage name Lia Cole), an Edmonton artist.

– Anastasia Beverly Hills Medium Brown Brow Wiz
– Morphe Brushes 35O Eyeshadow Palette
– Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer
– Milani Luminoso blush
– BECCA Cosmetics Moonstone highlighter
– NYX Professional Makeup Fortune Cookie lip gloss.

(Disclaimer: I do have Julia’s consent to post her images on designated websites including Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, and use in my digital portfolio.)

6 Ways to Make Your Foundation Look Like a Second Skin

Parisian makeup artist Violette’s top secret for how to apply foundation? Execute it without a trace. “I want people to say, ‘Oh my god, your skin looks amazing!’ not, ‘Your foundation is so great,'” she explains. And while finding the perfect formula is half the battle, once you have it, making like Houdini and ensuring it vanishes into your complexion is just as crucial. Here, three in-demand makeup artists share their fine-tuned tips for how to apply foundation and achieve that ever-elusive, second-skin finish.

Create a Glowing Canvas

Clean and moisturized skin is a no-brainer, but to really supercharge your glow, begin with a hydrating mask and follow it up with a lymphatic facial massage. When makeup artist Nina Park works with clients such as Zoë Kravitz and Bella Hadid, she begins with a sheet mask specifically targeted to their skin type, with ingredients such as rose to combat oiliness, aloe to treat dryness, and green tea to soothe inflammation. After masking, gently massage your moisturizer into the skin to boost circulation and reduce puffiness. “It creates a natural flush that makes the face look more awake,” says makeup artist Kira Nasrat, who helps give Jessica Alba that perpetually luminous complexion.

Prime as Needed

To prime or not to prime? It’s an eternal question for amateurs and pros alike. While Violette typically skips the extra base step in the interest of using as little product as possible, when applied correctly, it can prolong foundation for all-day wear. “I use an anti-shine primer for hotspots like the forehead, hairline, sides of nose, and around the mouth, and then a sheer, illuminating one for the tops of the cheekbones,” explains Park, adding that she applies each with her fingertips.

Apply From the Center and Move Outward

Only apply foundation where it’s really necessary, insists Violette, who counts Estée Lauder Futurist Hydra Rescue Moisturizing Foundation with SPF 45 among her favorites. “Start in the center of the face, on the apples of the cheeks, and slowly blend out,” she instructs, adding that another key part of the face is the area around the mouth, which is prone to yellow undertones and shadows. To ensure the foundation looks as natural as possible, Violette often skips the bridge of the nose—letting freckles show through for those who have them—and the corners of the nostrils, so the pigment doesn’t cling to dry patches.

Don’t Paint, Buff

No matter what tool you’re using—a foundation brush, a BeautyBlender, or your fingers—buff (or bounce, if you’re using a sponge) the foundation into your skin as opposed to “painting” it on to build coverage smoothly and avoid streakiness, says Park.

Strobe Wherever the Sun Hits

For dimension, blend highlighter into the high planes of the face that catch light naturally, such as the cheekbones, temples, and Cupid’s bow. “I’m not a fan of powder highlighters because it looks a bit fake to me,” says Violette. “Creamy balm textures will give you a dewiness as if you’re not wearing any products.”

Blot, Then Set

First, sop up excess oil with blotting papers. Then, look to a featherweight translucent powder to seal in foundation and prevent unwanted sheen. “Use a brush to apply it very lightly and only to the areas that get the most shiny,” says Nasrat, adding that the leftover luster is what will really drive home that second-skin guise. Silky smooth and even-toned, with just the right amount of lit-from-within dewiness, that’show you execute believably perfect skin.

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How Blush Placement Changes Your Face

Just like contouring, blush placement can drastically change your face shape. I have provided a simple guide for any face shape below and included a video to reference at the bottom of the post.

Whether you’re doing the makeup on yourself or a client, you want to utilize every product to enhance the face shape (duh). Blush placement, along with contouring, is very important for this.

For example, people like Jaclyn Hill or Chrissy Tiegen, who have round face shapes, should apply blush on the apples of the cheeks (front & centre part) to flatter their shape.

On the other end, people with oval face shape would benefit from higher blush placement, from the ear down almost blending into the bronzer and highlight.

I find that the following video provides a great example of both:

My Business Story & Brands I’ve Worked With

Oh to think back to the good old days when I owned one piece for every step of makeup application, highlights including the Bobbi Brown bronzer and a MAC lipstick. To be frank, when I was a kid and in my teens, I never wore makeup or had any interest in it until I stumbled upon THE beauty community on YouTube and dove head over heels into it. Realizing the transformative power of makeup really sparked my interest. 

I became a model before I became a makeup artist, and I got booked for events at Sephora, NYX and MAC. Being around makeup, having to promote it and having an ability to play with it, explore, and gather as much knowledge and tips from employees and makeup artists as possible – my desire to be a part of the community went from a sparkle to a wholesome fire.  

My knowledge and makeup collection increased at a very rapid rate. Ever since 2015 I’ve been so immersed and interested in everything beauty, makeup and skincare. I opened my business – Kassy Rose Makeup Artistry – and ordered my first business cards. 

Moving on, I’ve continued to work with Sephora, NYX, MAC, and many more brands. I’ve worked backstage at runway shows, prepared models for photoshoots, empowered brides and bridesmaids, taught makeup theory, and attended makeup academy at Eveline Charles. 

Earlier this year, I started this blog as an extension of my business. There seem to be so many topics within the beauty sphere that I’m interested in and want to share, and it makes the writing and researching process very enjoyable. I’m grateful for every single one of you who read my blogs, subscribe to my website and check out my social medias. I also love hearing your thoughts in the comments. I’m looking forward to welcoming even more people to my wonderful Rose family!

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Thank you to everyone who has subscribed/followed my blog and to those who I engage with in the comments under my posts. I put a lot of thought and research hours into my skincare tips, brand/artist history, and product reviews.

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I look forward to welcoming new members to my lovely community!

A Beauty That Is Brandy

I call her Goldilocks…

– Smashbox Cosmetics Photofinish Primerizer
– MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD foundation & concealer
– Laura Mercier Translucent loose setting powder
– Milani Luminoso blush
– Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy highlighter, brow powder in Soft Brown & brow setting gel
– KVD Vegan Beauty Shade Light Eye Contour palette
– Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer, Eye Booster liquid eyeliner pen
– L’Oréal Paris nude lipliner & lipstick in 235
– M·A·C Cosmetics Fix + spray. 

(Disclaimer: I do have Brandy’s consent to post her images on designated websites including Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, and use in my digital portfolio.)