Skincare Mistakes to Avoid

  • Please seek expert advise from a dermatologist or a skincare expert if you feel conflicted with all of the different product reviews, or have specific skin needs/concerns.
  • Give a new product enough time to see results – sometimes it might take from 1-3 months to see the results of a new product in your skincare routine.

    Cleanser – should see results immediately – up to 4 weeks, pay attention to skin texture and moisture levels.

    Toner – should see results immediately – 2/3 weeks, pay attention to skin texture and hydration benefits.

    Serums – should see results in 3-5 weeks if it’s a hydrating/anti-aging product, 2-3 months if it’s a skin brightening/hyperpigmentation product, 1-3 months if it’s an acne-targeted but not prescription product.

    Eye creams & Sunscreens – should see and feel immediate results. Pay attention to improvements in fine lines and texture.
  • Don’t overuse physical exfoliants – rubbing in the beads can cause irritation and skin sensitivity, make sure you’re gently gliding the product over your skin or use a chemical exfoliator on a cotton round instead.
  • Don’t remove clay masks with a cloth – the skin will look red and feel irritated when removing a dried-out clay mask. Instead, keep removing it with water until it’s gone.
  • Rinse off the micellar water – especially cheaper products are formulated in a way that can cause dryness and clog pores. Also, make sure the micellar water is not your only makeup-removing step.
  • Don’t rely on popular skincare websites to check skincare product ingredients – they’re not a trustworthy source, they list all of the ingredients and give them a rating. But we have to look at the formulation as a whole with dominant and recessive percentages, “it’s the dose that makes the poison” (referring to alcohol in products being seen as a drying agent). Also, the ingridients are mostly uploaded by users, not companies, which can be misleading.
  • You might not need to use a specific product at all – understand what all active ingredients are doing for your skin and whether you need it or not. Figure out what you need for your personal skin concerns and benefits you want to see.
  • Remember that skincare can only do so much – don’t rely on skincare alone to fix your concerns, take into account your diet, exercise, water intake, genetic conditions, and always seek professional help if you feel the need to.

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The Underdogs and Big Dogs of Skincare

Some of my personal skincare favourites are known to many beauty lovers. There are a few that not many people talk about though, but that bring amazing results!

Here are a few showcased here and why I recommend them:

  1. Clean & Clear Morning Burst Skin Brightening Cleanser wakes up the skin with an invigorating formula and citrus scent, oil-free, suitable for all skin types;
  2. Wander Beauty Gold Eye Patches are quite an investment, but if used sparingly with a generous amount of time between each mask – you’ll still see the difference and it’ll be worth it! They’re very hydrating and feel luxurious;
  3. Spectro Cleanser for combination skin (now, that doesn’t mean other skin types can’t use it, the opposite in fact) has a gel-like consistency that glides over the skin gently but is extremely effective. I recommend using it twice a day – morning and evening;
  4. St. Ives Apicot Scrub has been in the talks of beauty lovers for years! Some swear by it and others swear about it… My personal opinion is that it helps tremendously when used once a week to get rid of dead skin cells and help purify pres. However, if physical exfoliants aren’t for you – then stay clear of this product and use lighter exfoliating face washes instead;
  5. Cup’O’Coffee Lush Face Mask comes in a large tub that lasts for months! It smells like coffee the entire time you have it on (I’m guilty of leaving it on for way longer than recommended) and is very effective at brightening and purifying the skin. Suitable fo all skin types, made with natural ingredients and is cruelty-free;
  6. Olay Daily Moisturizing Lotion is a lovely daily moisturizer with SPF (which is always great to have in a skincare product) and has a light consistency that keeps the skin nourished all day long! I recommend it fo all skin types and I’ve never had a client speak ill of this affordable product either.